Uk49s Teatime Prediction February 17 2022

Uk49s Teatime Lottery game is played everyday in South Africa. We gave Predictions for Uk49s Teatime lottery. If you want to know the best predictions about UK49s Teatime results then you are on right place. We gave best predictions for Uk49s Teatime results.

UK49s Teatime Predictions

Hope so it will be helpful for all who are interested in playing this Uk49s Teatime Lottery Game. You can check UK49s Teatime Results Predictions Below Here.

Prediction # 1: 15-18-23-33-44-49 (Monzo Team)
Prediction # 2: 14-22-29-36-44-45 (Mike Team)
Prediction # 3: 3-12-16-24-45-47 (Lucy Team)
Prediction # 4: 4-17-19-37-38-47 (Rasel Team)

Uk49s Teatime Hot And Cold Balls

Cold Ball are those ball which is not drawn mostly. Hot Ball are those ball which is drawn mostly. Hot and Cold balls are based on previous weeks results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we play UK49s Teatime Online?

Yeah, Anyone can play uk49s teatime online in South Africa.

What Are The Results Timing Of UK49s Teatime?

Uk49s Teatime is played everyday in South Africa. Uk49s Teatime results drawn take place at 5:49 PM (UK Time).

Uk49s Teatime Hot And Cold Balls?

The most common hot and cold balls are 19, 20, 41, 13, 26 and 43.

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