Lunchtime Results

Uk49s Lunchtime Results For today is announce now. You can check Uk49s Lunchtime Results 2022. we update all Lunchtime Results on an urgent basis.

Draws take place at 12:49 pm (UK time).

Lunchtime Results Are As Follows:

Lunchtime Results 18 May 2022368212730Booster: 11
Lunchtime Results 17 May 202281520212243Booster: 6
Lunchtime Results 16 May 2022101718273739Booster: 8
Lunchtime Results 15 May 202241314183438Booster: 35
Lunchtime Results 14 May 2022101720233545Booster: 18
Lunchtime Results 13 May 20222417243031Booster: 5
Lunchtime Results 12 May 20222627323443Booster: 38
Lunchtime Results 11 May 202251013242536Booster: 48
Lunchtime Results 10 May 202221023364049Booster: 32
Lunchtime Results 9 May 202231416223947Booster:15
Lunchtime Results 8 May 202262830323637Booster: 47
Lunchtime Results 7 May 2022249111722Booster:20
Lunchtime Results 6 May 202292937404249Booster:27
Lunchtime Results 5 May 2022242933384046Booster:48
Lunchtime Results 4 May 202251720323848Booster:2
Lunchtime Results 3 May 2022101722244142Booster:45
Lunchtime Results 2 May 2022142023253438Booster:5
Lunchtime Results 1 May 202231415252846Booster:21

UK49s lunchtime lottery is the most famous lottery in the UK. This can also be played online in the UK and South Africa. Lunchtime results happen every day of the week. So people who are participating in the lunchtime draw are searching for lunchtime predictions. The number that appears in the previous draws has the chance to appear again.

Timings of Lunchtime Draw:

The lunchtime draw starts at 12:40 pm according to UK time. And 12:49 pm according to UK time. 

How To Play:

To play this game you need to pick six numbers somewhere in the range of 1 and 49. Subsequent to picking six numbers, pick a promoter number from the remaining 43 numbers. The objective is to coordinate every one of your numbers with the drawn numbers. The draw is communicated everywhere.

The base number that you can choose is one and the greatest is six numbers that you can choose. There is another choice called Lucky dunk wherein the computer will pick the numbers for you.

Subsequent to purchasing the ticket you need to stamp that you are playing for the lunchtime draw and furthermore you need to check for how long you are playing. There are seven days that you can play sequentially.

Subsequent to entering the game you need to settle on which draw you are playing. Whether it’s Draw 6 or draw 7. In the event that you decide to draw 6, there will be no sponsor balls and you need to choose 6numbersonly. In the event that you select draw 7, you will get a promoter number next to the six numbers you are picking.

Lunchtime Result Numbers:

After betting on the numbers you have to match your numbers with the draw’s number. If you happen to match the exact numbers then you will win the prize. The numbers are displayed on different sites you can confirm from there. There are predictions as well and by following that you can win the bet.

Frequently asked question:

What are the timings of the lunchtime draw:

The lunchtime draw starts at 12:40 pm according to UK time. And 13:40 OM according to South Africa time.